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A great story, a vivid imagination, and strong characters can transport you to distant times and beautiful places without ever leaving the comfort of home. Time Travel is better than air miles, has no screeners rummaging through your luggage, and no uncomfortable seats. Just open the first page and off you go!
I became hooked on Travel when I first saw the Way Way Back machine on Mr. Peabody and Sherman. How wonderful to be able to visit ancient Rome or medieval England perhaps  meeting strong warriors and benevolent kings. I love history and writing a story with part of it in the past gives me the opportunity to research and learn about local customs, ways of life, and even the rules of romance at that time.
In THE DUCHESS’ NECKLACE (Satin Romance-release date May 31, 2017), my duchess, Amelia Augusta Ethrington, Her Grace the Duchess of Abbington, is fourth in line for the British throne. 18th century royal marriages were less about love and more about standing and property. Amelia refuses to marry not wanting to relinquish a smidgeon of power to a husband. Because of this, she has one night stands with traveling nights and younger men seeking favor to quench her desires. She’s too modern a woman for 18th century rules and needs a modern man who will accept her for her intelligence, independence and feistiness. She needs a man from the present. When circumstances in her life go awry, she finds one by chance through Time Travel.
Her Time Travel, however, began not for finding love but for seeking revenge and settling a score. A deceptive Traveler from the present romances her only to steal her necklace, her sole claim to title and standing before returning to the present. She Travels to get her necklace back: finding love is a side benefit but with that benefit comes a choice. Will she choose love in the present or her life of wealth and privilege as a duchess?
The character of the Duchess evolved from a trip to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England. As I walked through the long hallways and visited the regal rooms, I wondered what life as an 18th century royal was like. I then imagined what kind of woman my fictional duchess would be. I prefer my heroines to be independent and feisty like homicide detective Brianna Breeze in my first novella THE LOVE GYPSY (The Wild Rose Press). I imagined how she would react to murder, a man from the past, and romance. In SHADOWS ACROSS TIME (Satin Romance), the character of the wizard was inspired by a visit to Chenenceau Castle in France. The castle boasts an apothecary also used as a poison room; it seemed a most delightful place for a villain to frequent. The heroine, Danielle, is kidnapped and taken back in time only to meet a handsome knight she hopes can save her from her destiny.
Hope you Travel to meet Brianna, Danielle, and now Amelia.

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